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ergebnisse.kanuslalom.de resp. slalom.flechtner.de and www.canoeslalom.net are part of www.flechtner.de, the personal website of

Markus Flechtner
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40721 Hilden

See German "Impressum" for further information.

I have collected the data during the last 15 years. I have taken the older data of the international part of the website from the "Competitor Index" of the book "The River Masters" written by Bill Endicott. Thanks, Bill, for your work!

Information on this website

  1. For athletes who have competed for more than one club, only the last known club is printed. (only for the German pages)
  2. For clubs which have changed their name during the last years only the last known name is printed.
  3. For athletes who have changed their name during their career (e.g. marriage etc.) all known names are listed.

Data Protection

Please send comments, corrections and/or annotations to markus@canoeslalom.net
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